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Direct Radiography

Capture X-rays immediately for quick and accurate diagnosis. Imperial has carefully chosen only the most reliable, proven and quality-assured brands and equipment of direct digital radiography products for our customers .

Draw Deeper Insights From Your Images

Imperial selects only technology offering superior image quality with excellent bone and soft tissue visualization from a single study. This gives our customers confidence while diagnosing patients.

Latest Direct Radiography Technology 
Durable, versatile, flat panel and wireless – Imperial customers enjoy more choices in product qualities with easy upgrades. State of the art technology optimizes throughput time, increasing your imaging efficiency.

Downloadable Literature

Acuity DR Product Portfolio

Acuity DRe Product Portfolio

Acuity SDR+ Brochure

Fuji FDR Clinica Brochure

Fuji FDR ES Portfolio Brochure

Delworks U-Arm Brochure

Fuji FDR D-EVO GL Brochure

Konica Aero HD Brochure

Konica Aero LT Brochure

Delworks E-Series Brochure

DRGEM Diamond

Konica KDR-AU Brochure

Konica KDR-Primary Brochure

Konica Performance DR Brochure

Delworks LLI

Viewworks VIVIX Series Brochure

Partnership is our best product.

Imperial works with you to select equipment that meets your needs today and for the future.

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