Veterinary Radiology Equipment Essentials for Your Veterinary Practice

When it comes to animal radiography solutions, veterinarians know that image quality and user experience are critical when selecting imaging systems. The question is: With so many products and brands to choose from, how do you make smart, informed decisions to fuel your practice’s growth? Further, what solutions can best meet your needs today and in the future? 

The team at Imperial Imaging Technology understands that your animal radiology equipment needs to deliver the performance and return on investment anticipated. That’s why our experts work with you to identify affordable and adaptable solutions designed to fuel your practice’s growth. We help veterinarians and their staff choose from a top-of-class, fully integrated system to digital upgrades for their existing equipment or dental radiography.  

Ready to get started on an equipment upgrade for your animal health facility? Get insights on different animal radiography systems and features to consider before you make your equipment choices.

Animal X-Ray Table

When your patients aren’t at their best, you know that timing is critical. That’s why image quality and ease of use matter when selecting diagnostic tools like an animal x-ray machine. The right options can help you avoid time-consuming retakes and excessive radiation exposure. 

We offer the best combination of usability and quality in animal x-ray machines from trusted brands, including DRGEM, 20/20 Imaging, and Universal AV Choice. Our experts at Imperial chose these brands because they offer everything our clients need for a new equipment set-up or retrofitting equipment into existing spaces. 

In addition to usability features, space requirements are critical. Our solutions offer the flexibility to be integrated into spaces big and small. For example, the Universal Veterinary table cabinet can be used to house system generator components which greatly reduces floor space requirements. The complete system footprint is just 39 x 56 in (99 x 143 cm) with stationary or 2-way float top table, and 68.5 x 31.5 in (174 x 80 cm) with the 4-way float top table.

It’s no secret that many of the world’s businesses are undergoing a digital transformation. The same is true for veterinarians. More and more, digital solutions are available to help teams save time and money. When you’re exploring options, make sure you also look at today’s digital imaging systems with these features: 

  • Fast, accurate digital image processing
  • Table-side and mobile image acquisition
  • Easy to use programmable touchscreen displays
  • Customizable veterinary practice specific software 
  • Cloud storage and sharing solutions

Mobile Veterinary X-Ray Machine

If your veterinary practice requires the versatility to move your veterinary x-ray machine from room to room, mobile x-ray machines help simplify diagnoses. When you’re looking at these systems, our experts recommend looking for features such as:

  • Compact and lightweight for easy mobility
  • Hassle-free set up
  • Superior image quality 
  • Easy image acquisition 
  • Durable housing
  • Cloud storage and sharing solutions

Animal Dental Radiography

Veterinary dental radiography is an essential part of patient care, and the best imaging equipment should deliver fast, accurate imaging to speed dental procedures and decrease complications from anesthesia. 

Because safety and timing are so critical, veterinary teams need to have hassle-free equipment to help them avoid retakes and increased radiation exposure. A great example of a system with these advanced features is the X-Mind Unity Dental X-ray with SOPIX Digital Sensor Inside. This precision equipment offers consistently clear image quality that never over-exposes with the highest detail available every time. Benefits include: 

  • Fast, accurate imaging
  • Reduced need for retakes 
  • Less time under anesthesia 
  • Easy to use and operate

You can truly take your practice to the next level with this type of veterinary dental radiography. It saves time and money, so you can make every dental procedure more profitable.

X-Ray Machines for Veterinarians from Imperial Imaging 

Veterinarians choose Imperial Imaging for a comprehensive range of cost-saving, timesaving, space-saving solutions from industry-trusted brands. Equally important, we act as your partner. We work with you throughout the entire process – from selecting the right solutions to expert installation, service, maintenance, and beyond. 

Our x-ray equipment experts receive direct training from product manufacturers. We pass that expertise along to veterinarians and their staff. Our expert team is always here to help you get the most out of your equipment, so you can take your practice to the next level.

Explore our comprehensive range of animal radiography solutions for your veterinary practice and contact us online for a consultation or call 678.733.9990.