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Service is so important that it helped us choose our company name. At Imperial, we give every customer the royal treatment. It’s more than just a slogan. Our goal is to create an environment where radiology technicians and others are confident in their work and proud of the equipment they are using. 

Brands We Sell and Serve

Part of our service is choosing to work only with high quality products. Experience has taught us which brands are most trusted by organizations who rely on X-ray, radiology and imaging products. Those are the proven brands we sell and service. 

Service That Incorporates Your Business Planning 

Imperial partners with organizations to make smart choices in imaging equipment. Every plan is more than just a purchase because we customize each solution to meet their needs and goals in the most efficient and economical manner. 

We’ll discuss not only your radiology and imaging needs, but look into how you forecast business growth, investment and expenditure. We recommend products based upon:

Future scalability


Current and future exam types


True specifications

Service – Meeting Compliance

Imperial makes it a priority to understand the laws and regulations of the states we serve. This helps our customers meet compliance.  

For Prospective Customers – Our First Visit

Wonder what Imperial service looks like? Our initial contacts will include: 

  • Learning your radiology workflow process
  • Reviewing product literature/videos
  • Optional visit to factory showroom to learn about equipment functionality
  • If a client is looking for modality (like a component) we can bring the component (such as a wireless panel) to demonstrate
  • First in-person contact can take place for one practice with up to three providers

Service – Strong Vendor & Manufacturing Relationships

Strong relationships with vendor partners ranging from physics to finance to help guide the process successfully regardless of the size or scope of the project.

Our Engineers are factory-trained on the equipment we sell and meticulous about quality of installation from proper alignment and functionality to wire management.

Service – Installation

Imperial doesn’t cut corners. We ask ourselves how would we feel about entering our own installation for an exam? Imperial installations are neat, efficient and attractive – no unconcealed wiring or tangled wiring, or dirty equipment.

Imperial customers are proud of their equipment and the rooms where they work and serve patients.

Partnership is our best product.

Imperial works with you to select equipment that meets your needs today and for the future.

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