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Imperial serves orthopedic practices with equipment and accessories from brands we trust to help you do your job with excellence from the Konica AeroDR and Fuji FDR ES, to the Genoray Zen-7000 and more. Our team of engineers and account partners are trained by product manufacturers – and will share our expertise with physicians, surgeons, radiologic technologists, administrators and other orthopedic professionals.


Imperial chooses only orthopedic radiography products that deliver superior image quality and help you move from questions to answers most efficiently. Choose from a wide selection of orthopedic x-ray and other imaging equipment – from digital upgrades and fixed panel positioners to MSK-specific MRI and ultrasound.


Which system is the right fit for your practice? What’s the difference between Acuity X-ray and Amrad X-ray systems, and why do we need the Esaote O-scan instead of the Esaote S-scan? How can the cost of ownership be managed to optimize quality for the product’s lifetime? Imperial discusses those questions every day with our partners.

The gallery below is just some of the comprehensive range of imaging products for Orthopedic facilities offered by Imperial Imaging.


Imperial offers a range of orthopedic radiography solutions from the most trusted brands. Get a quick overview of featured products here, and learn more by downloading specific equipment brochures below.

Acuity Portfolio X-Ray Systems

Gain smart portability and ultimate image quality for limitless performance with Acuity DR by Radmedix:

  • TRUVIEW(R) ART unique reverse filtering technology reconstructs and improves image sharpness
  • Lossless AED for simultaneous X-ray sensing and charge integration
  • Acuity 1417 Slim Cassette Wireless offers ultimate portability and wireless charging

Esaote Scan Solutions

Products from Esaote bring providers more detail, better accuracy and greater confidence to ease your diagnostic process. 

  • G-scan Brio Tilting MRI for all musculoskeletal applications
  • O-scan dedicated MRI for extremities
  • S-scan optimized MRI for musculoskeletal cases

Konica Minolta Solutions

Find versatile, reliable and easy-to-use imaging solutions that meet high-volume demands. Read how Konica’s products deliver immediate information at the point-of-care.

  • The most reliable hardware in the industry
  • Time-saving systems that revolve around the patient
  • AeroDR HD is equally suitable for retrofit, new X-ray room, or portable unit applications

Downloadable Literature

Acuity Product Portfolio

Acuity SDR Brochure

Esaote G-Scan Brochure

Esaote O-Scan Brochure

Konica KDR-AU Brochure

Del Medical FMT18T Brochure

Del Medical Vision R Brochure

Delworks U-Arm Brochure

Genoray OSCAR 15

Esaote S-Scan Brochure

Fuji FDR ES Portfolio Brochure

Konica Aero HD Brochure

Konica Aero LT Brochure

CurveBeam Hi-Rise Brochure

Del Medical OTC18M Brochure

Delworks E-Series Brochure

DRGEM Diamond

Genoray OSCAR Classic

Konica KDR-Primary Brochure

Konica OTC Brochure

Konica Performance DR Brochure

Zen-7000 Genoray Brochure

Del Medical FMT18M Brochure

Del Medical OTC18T Brochure

Del Works LLI

DRGEM S Series


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