A C-Arm offers solutions for various needs of healthcare professionals. With their increased portability and inherent ability to perform specific tasks that other fluoroscopic technologies may be unable to perform, they are a vital asset for any healthcare facility and hospital. 

However, not every C-Arm can handle every task. That is why it is imperative to research before purchasing your facility’s newest Imaging asset. The following post provides a bird’s-eye view of the various C-Arms Imperial Imaging Technology offers. 

Types of C-Arm X-Ray Machines offered by Imperial

AMRAD Agility Plus C- Arm 

This system will provide excellent images relevant to the procedure by offering a mobile touchscreen display station. Boasting live imaging capabilities and pan-sided image manipulation, the Amrad Agility Plus C-Arm remains one of the best compact, maneuverable, and portable X-ray machines on the market. 

AMRAD Medical Agility C- Arm 

This system is very similar to the AMRAD AGILITY PLUS C-Arm X-ray machine model, except that it is contained within one unit and is not spread across two different modules to produce medical imaging. This unit is more maneuverable due to its fewer moving parts. 

Del Medical Vision R C-Arm

The Vision R provides various surgical applications, such as its easy maneuverability, excellent picture quality, and customizable dosage capabilities. Among its many applications, it can produce pulses at the highest rate of 30 per second. It’s programmed to ensure optimal results and eliminate uncertainties during its operation.

Refurbished OEC 9800

Meticulously refurbished, the OEC 9800 offers a classic standard with the highest versatility, efficiency, and intuitiveness. It provides excellent image quality, innovative programming, and moderation of X-ray exposure at a very good economical value.

Refurbished OEC 9900

This model boasts a precision imaging technology using Dynamic Range Management. This refurbished product provides excellent imaging capabilities for various medical distinctions such as clinical, surgical, or cardiovascular. Its smart technologies help the operator perform each task as quickly as possible. Its intuitive and customizable hardware options greatly enhance the quality of imaging capture during a procedure.

Smart C

As the most portable C-arm offered by Imperial Imaging Technology. It provides various customizable options, including wireless portability, optional monitor cart, and optional articulating arm positioning. Its battery-powered and cordless design makes it portable and convenient for applications.

Other Imaging Products Available from Imperial

Imperial Imaging Technology offers a variety of other x-ray-related products ranging from floor-mounted models, overhead tube cranes, DR panels, straight arms, and u-arms. Imperial Imaging can provide guidance and solutions for your healthcare facility regardless of your particular imaging needs. Visit Imperial Imaging Technology X-Ray to learn more about these types of products and more.