Mammography appointments often leave female patients with negative feelings. They are at best uncomfortable and at worst painful. But do they need to be? Thanks to the Siemens mammography machine, MAMMOMAT Revelation, our industry can approach these life-saving appointments differently! Imperial Imaging Technology is proud to offer this groundbreaking approach to breast health to customers everywhere.

What is the MAMMOMAT Revelation?

The Siemens MAMMOMAT Revelation is a digital mammography platform for screening and diagnostics, with a biopsy and 50° Wide-Angle Tomosynthesis option. It provides superior, quick results and unparalleled patient comfort, excelling where other mammography machines lack. This mammogram machine uses advanced technology to capture enhanced imaging, has comfortable paddles designed with a woman’s anatomy in mind, and more.

With more and more women looking for regular screening programs, hospitals can’t afford to use outdated mammography machines. MAMMOMAT Revelation is the future of breast health care and provides the results that female patients need. Designed for superior cancer detection, personalized care, and high cost-effectiveness – Siemens MAMMOMAT Revelation is forging a modern path in women’s health care.

Key Features

The Siemens MAMMOMAT specifications make a difference for both patients and radiologists. Each component collaborates to improve diagnostic accuracy, create synergies in reading and reporting, enhance daily performance, create a comfortable patient experience and more. From its wide-angle technology to consistent density assessment, you can tackle breast care holistically with Siemens MAMMOMAT Revelation.

1. 50° Wide-Angle Technology

While other mammography machines face detection challenges when it comes to overlapping tissue, MAMMOMAT Revelation boasts a 50° Wide-Angle Tomosynthesis. This feature allows you to get the highest of 25 projections – giving you increased diagnostic confidence and more accurate, earlier detection. Siemens MAMMOMAT offers the highest depth resolution on the market. With this wide-angle technology, you have access to a depth resolution that is 3.5 times higher than the traditional narrow-angle you will find on other mammography machines. Benefit from images being taken every two degrees, giving you 25 low-dose projections and 75% more information to make informed diagnoses.

2. Standardized Image Quality

When working in breast health, it is vital that radiologists can accurately identify what they see promptly. There is no time to waste on poor imaging. The Siemens mammography machine projects standardized image quality, allowing you to provide quick, trustworthy readings. Avoid variations in image quality by using MAMMOMAT Revelation, which produces high image quality, algorithms for automated and personalized parameter settings, and unique system-guided compression.

3. Consistent Density Assessment

Women with high breast density are at higher risk of developing breast cancer. On most mammography machines, radiologists visually estimate breast density during the image reading process – which usually happens after the patient has left the facility. This becomes frustrating and stressful when patients are called back for further imaging to rule out cancer.

MAMMOMAT Revelation is the first imaging equipment to provide automated breast density measurements at the point of examination. Insight Breast Density (Insight BD) results in 100% objective classification for instant risk stratification. Patients receive results faster, removing their uncertainty or worry.

4. Insight 2D and 3D

Only MAMMOMAT Revelation can produce Insight 2D and 3D imaging. Insight 2D is rendered from the tomosynthesis volume and can be used to compare previous mammography images. Because it is created from the same dataset as the tomosynthesis slices, you reduce the dose by 40%. Insight 3D allows for faster analysis of microcalcifications at a glance. Together, Insight 2D and 3D improve your ability to detect early breast cancers and decrease the number of inaccurate readings.

Patient Benefits

During a screening appointment, patients should have a calm and relaxed demeanor. Staying still and calm is vital to obtaining high-quality imaging. Understandably, most patients feel nervous about their breast screening – which is why the Siemens MAMMOMAT specifications were designed with women in mind. From creating a more comfortable experience to cultivating a more relaxed environment, there are many patient benefits associated with this mammogram machine.

Personalized Soft Compression

The Siemens mammography machine uses a unique OpComp function. OpComp allows for the optimal compression for each patient to automatically adjust. When the paddle reaches the breast, it slows down so the staff can find proper positioning. As soon as the optimal compression for the best image quality is reached, the paddle stops. This is a more comfortable experience for women, especially in comparison to other medical imaging equipment.

SoftComp Paddles

The soft curved edges of Siemens MAMMOMAT Revelation offer patient comfort and easier positioning. SoftComp paddles were designed to fit the shape of a woman’s anatomy. Helping women stay calm not only makes them comfortable but can help increase the quality of your imaging.

Calming Moodlight

To further alleviate patient stress, MAMMOMAT Revelation’s Moodlight feature illuminates the exam room with calming lights, helping women remain relaxed throughout the appointment. They also offer wall decorations with Breast Health Moods to create a positive atmosphere for everyone involved.

Quicker Examination Time

With its one-click philosophy, MAMMOMAT Revelation allows you to focus on your patients rather than the operation system. All parameters are automated, and the procedure moves from step to step, reducing compression time. Keeping exams quick and seamless is one of the many ways that MAMMOMAT Revelation is an improvement upon other mammography machines.

See the Difference for Yourself

Breast health technology is changing and facilities need to keep up. Make a difference in the lives of your female patients by contacting Imperial Imaging Technology to purchase the MAMMOMAT Revelation today.