Medical imaging equipment has been a game changer since its invention in the late 1800s. For everything imaging equipment can do to help people, one thing remains true: The equipment can’t get the job done without taking care of it too. In addition to regular care and cleaning from technologists who use the equipment, medical imaging systems require careful maintenance from trained professionals.

Keep reading to find out what happens when Imperial Imaging services your equipment—and why maintenance is critical to ensuring your imaging equipment can safely and effectively get the job done throughout its rated life.


How Imaging Equipment Is Serviced

When our technologist conduct imaging equipment service, it involves cleaning, adjusting, and testing the entire system for optimal performance and safety. A technologist may disassemble a machine to clean the exterior and interior thoroughly. They also check all components and detectors to see that they function correctly and run tests to verify everything is in good working order.


Importance of Servicing Imaging Equipment

An adage says that a worker is only as good as their tools. Without imaging equipment that functions optimally, radiologists and technologist are at a disadvantage—and so are their patients.

Remember, imaging equipment can reveal amazingly minute details. With proper service and maintenance, imaging equipment gives providers the information needed to care for patients and give them answers. That’s one reason why servicing equipment is essential. Here are a few more.

Prevents Provider & Patient Injury

The goal of radiology imaging equipment is to help providers treat patients—and not to cause harm. That’s why routine maintenance is essential. It prevents providers from being injured on the job and helps promote patient safety. Poorly maintained machines can break and cause injury, or radiation emissions can go unchecked, leading to excessive exposure.

Promotes Diagnostic Accuracy

When it comes to patient care, it isn’t overstating things to say accuracy is everything. The only way to make sure a patient receives the proper treatment is by having the correct diagnosis. Properly maintained imaging equipment gives providers the answers needed to help patients get back to good health.

Ensures Optimal Lifetime Performance

Imaging equipment requires a significant investment. To get the best return, you want equipment to function in the best possible way for as long as possible. Regular imaging equipment repair and maintenance helps you to get the most out of your equipment over its lifetime.

Avoids Costly Outages

Imaging services are not only essential to patient care, but they’re also a vital profit center for your business. If your equipment isn’t operating when it counts, that’s leaving money on the table and a patient hanging without answers. Who can afford to take those risks with their business? Regular service and maintenance ensure your equipment is patient-ready, so you never miss an opportunity to deliver the best care.


Imaging Services From Imperial Imaging

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