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Imperial Imaging provides and services a wide variety of x-ray equipment, direct and computed radiography, ultrasound, MRI and CT systems for hospitals, orthopedics, private practice, chiropractors, podiatrist and veterinarians.

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We have been thrilled with our DRGEM full body unit as well as our Sopix Dental Rad system. My staff loves taking x-rays now and they always get excited about how well the images turn out even if they are rushed and don’t set perfect technique. We haven’t had to retake a single film yet! The software is easy to navigate and we cannot say enough about the customer service we have received from Imperial Imaging! 

Dana Croy, DVM

Owner, North Forsyth Animal Hospital

Starting up or time to upgrade? Before you make up your mind….

Let’s talk. Imperial sells and services x-ray systems and other radiology equipment such as MRI, CT, C-Arms, and Ultrasound. But our main product is partnership.

Imperial partners with you to understand your business, workflow, forecast and budget so you can upgrade or buy new with confidence.

Is your x-ray equipment enough to meet the demands of 2021?

Will new training be required? Will updates to existing equipment better service patients? Imperial takes into account your staffing changes, PPE requirements, new compliance and other factors that affect workflow.

Imperial helps you adjust, improve, and replace your radiology and imaging needs based upon business forecast. Imperial service includes installation and onsite training.

Is your current x-ray imaging equipment ready for a surge in orthopedic procedures?

It’s a great time to reforecast how upgraded or new medical x-ray machines will meet current demands. Imperial understands today’s high stress, fast-paced healthcare industry and the demands on your profession. Our high quality products – supported by personalized customer service that includes on-site training – help you deliver accurate, excellent patient care we can be proud of!

Brands We Sell and Serve

Experience has taught us which brands are most trusted by organizations who rely on X-ray, radiology and imaging products. Those are the only brands we sell and service – and our technicians all receive factory training and pass that expertise along to you.

How we live up to our name

Meet founder Aaron Pressley and learn how we live up to our name supplying x-ray units – and trusting partnership – to medical and veterinary teams from c-suite companies to one doctor practices.

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